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L'annuaire des traducteurs Mytranslation permet aux clients de consulter le profil des traducteurs inscrits sur Mytranslation. Que vous ayez recours au service de traduction Enchère ou Express, vous pouvez en apprendre plus sur le traducteur avec lequel vous allez collaborer en consultant son profil ici. Mytranslation sélectionne ses traducteurs avec précaution à l'aide de tests d'entrée évaluant leurs compétences en traduction.

  • Localisation Lillebonne
  • Langues de traduction Espagnol vers Français
  • Nombre de traductions réalisées 7
  • Biographie Diplômée d'un Master 2 de l'ISIT (Institut supérieur d'interprétation et de traduction), je suis désormais traductrice indépendante. Rigueur, professionnalisme et respect des délais sont des qualités qui me caractérisent et que je me propose de mettre à votre disposition.
  • Localisation Lisbonne
  • Langues de traduction Anglais vers Portugais européen
    Français vers Portugais européen
  • Nombre de traductions réalisées 2
  • Biographie I am a professional translator since 2008. I graduated in Artistic Studies and I hold a master’s degree in Translation. I specialize in EU politics and in arts and culture. Other areas of significant experience include health and psychology, history and philosophy and commercial/advertising material.
  • Localisation Bonn
  • Langues de traduction Italien vers Allemand
  • Nombre de traductions réalisées
  • Biographie Freelance translator (native German): languages ENGLISH; FRENCH; ITALIAN; SPANISH For 29 years I have been working as a foreign language correspondent and since 18 years, due to the birth of my two children, I have been working successfully as freelance translator (telework) from at home with a network all over the word. Due to many years of translation experience for renowned companies and several stays abroad I got a perfect knowledge of English, French, Spanish and Italian, spoken and written. My native language is GERMAN. I would be very interested in expanding my working field as translator on a freelance basis. I have very flexible hours and can do all kinds of translations in the shortest possible time and with the greatest care.
  • Localisation Bonnybridge
  • Langues de traduction Anglais vers Italien
  • Nombre de traductions réalisées
  • Biographie Translator ENGLISH - ITALIAN. Here is what I can do for you: - SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY Ask a professional to take care of your project (that would be me!). Rates might be slightly higher than those you are used to, but you won't have to take the risk to have your text poorly translated. This will save you time, money, and stress. - PIECE OF MIND As you will know, trust is crucial when you have to choose a collaborator. If you had a trusted mechanic would you choose someone else or just go to him/her? Right. Let me be your 'trusted mechanic' and enjoy your piece of mind. I carry out my researches and studies on every project with rigour, to make sure that every text is well translated and localised for the target market. Is this time consuming? It sure is. What do I get from it? An excellent translation and...knowledge. I am an extremely curious animal, and I take every task as an opportunity to expand my culture. Now, my services in a nutshell. I work on tourism and cultural promotion texts, website localisation and, occasionally, on literary projects. In the last few years I have been specialising in the Medical field, with a particular interest in Medical Reports, Clinical Trials, and Medical Research. Interested?
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