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L'annuaire des traducteurs Mytranslation permet aux clients de consulter le profil des traducteurs inscrits sur Mytranslation. Que vous ayez recours au service de traduction Enchère ou Express, vous pouvez en apprendre plus sur le traducteur avec lequel vous allez collaborer en consultant son profil ici. Mytranslation sélectionne ses traducteurs avec précaution à l'aide de tests d'entrée évaluant leurs compétences en traduction.

  • Localisation Madrid
  • Langues de traduction Néerlandais vers Espagnol
  • Nombre de traductions réalisées 0
  • Biographie Hi there, I do hope this introduction finds you well! I am a highly experienced Dutch, English, and German to Spanish translator, proofreader, post-editor and writer. Over five years of translating experience and over twenty years as acting professional in Performing Arts and TV Entertainment. As a translator, I am used to work on a number of subjects and projects, but I specialize in: Marketing & Digital Business: reports, manuals and brochures, commercial material, articles and research papers, white papers, press releases, research essays, beauty products, description and selling products and services, website content and e-learning modules, e-commerce, interactive platforms, business to business websites and online blogs… Social Science: educational resources, textbooks, e-books, special focusing in Criminology, NGO's articles, e-learning modules for MOOC's, research articles, white papers, psychology papers (distress in children), Enneagram, Sociology… Travel & Tourism: Travel & Tourism websites, hotel sites, internal training e learning modules for several hotel chains… Performing Arts and TV & Cinema Entertainment: media work, film scripts and subtitles for films… Literature and Creative Writing: literary work, novels, plays, online content… As a translator, I reproduce the text clearly, accurately and in the style intended by the author into Spanish from Spain having in mind the different styles and cultures of the target audience. Do you think I can help you? I would be more than happy to do that! That is how I see it! Professionalism, Ethics and confidentiality are necessary aspects in order to create a great and passionate translation career so if I do not feel comfortable with the job or I consider I will not be able to provide the required quality, I simply do not accept it. I wish I could manage every specialization! I love translating and I am a great motivator to myself and to virtual teams. It is challenging to keep my entire networking skills flourish to become a better professional striving for excellence and helping others if needed. Once at work, attention to detail and analytical skills are essential, every translation step needs its time and there are some fundamental points to provide a quality outcome. I usually spend more time providing quality than translating! Sorry, I can't help it! In a deadline-driven profession is compulsory to meet the deadlines and my organizational skills are the best friends ever, some of which go hand in hand with Mrs. Flexibility and Mrs. Adaptability. I am sure you would like them! At least, as a team we are going to need them. These entire friends play a fundamental role in my career and are looking forward to helping you to deliver your message. Translation changes every day so I keep on learning and researching in as several ranges of knowledge as possible to provide my clients with accurate translations. On the other hand, a flair for research is kind of a gift. General knowledge and curiosity are crucial, so what is the occasion? We are celebrating that curiosity did not kill the cat or the translator this time. Furthermore, every translator hides a great writer. It could not be otherwise! I am glad to invite everyone to check my educational writing background just in case you need some Spanish creative writing. None of this could be possible without an excellent knowledge of the foreign language acquired in the source language countries and some IT Skills acquired at University. Here should be a Call to Action button! :0)
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